Tell us a bit about you. When and why did you start writing and what was your first tag? 

I write Regekt and I've been writing for about 6 years now.
I've always been interested in art and would always scribble and draw. As a kid I'd always take spray paint and write on my skateboards and whatever shit Icould find. Going into my teens I started to notice graffiti in the skatepark I hung out at and decided to try my hand at it with a friend of mine. We just wrote our name in marker all over and sketched. I got some cans and did a few pieces over some better writers which started a beef which fueled my fire to improve. That beef forced me to improve and after squashing it, the more experienced writers helped me out. I always wanted to do something to express myself and Ifound a way to do that through Graffiti. My first tag was Seg and I went through a lot after that until finally settling on Regekt.

What’s your favourite paint brand?
 My favorite paint brand would be Ironlak or MTN 94. both have amazing colours and pressure systems. I started out using hardware store paint, Duco, Sprayon etc which was tricky but helped me to appreciate the control and quality of the real paint brands. Ironlak is like sex in a can.

What’s your favourite part of graffiti?

My favourite part is getting away from the world and doing my own thing. It's the satisfaction I get from seeing my piece and how much I have improved. I love being able to try new things and push myself. Graffiti is a way for me to just be who I wanna be, it creates this alter ego for myself that people see and wonder about. I love the mystery involved, the thrill of seeing your name and remembering the adventure of that day.

Describe your style briefly

My style is something that I can't easily describe. I'd say it's more of a wild style that incorporates different features and attributes I've discovered over the years. I try to be original and adjust my style to how I feel and do different things. I don't see the point in having one outline and using different fills. I try to switch things up, add things on and mix it up. 

Artistic or bomber?

I used to have a huge love for bombing but in the last year or so I've focused a lot more on the artistic element. Piecing is something that requires a lot of skill and I prefer to take my time on a piece. Nothing compares to the thrill of bombing but the satisfaction of piecing is far better. That being said Graffiti is a combination of both and I still admire those who bomb hard.

Dodgiest graffiti experience?

I've had a few. The doggiest has to be either getting flooded into a drain during a huge storm with Hades and some mates, or  being picked up during the World Cup for bombing. We got driven around for hours and were threatened to be arrested. We eventually convinced the cops to let us go after they confiscated about 30 cans from myself, Muro and Hades. 

People who inspire you?

A lot. My main inspiration being my girlfriend. She pushes me to improve and provides a lot of encouragement. I also find inspiration from my crews, my mates and all those burning.

Anything you would like to say?

Paint for nobody but yourself and your own satisfaction. Shout out to my girlfriend, family, crews OPK KMS and TIU and everybody showing me love.