Tell us a bit about you. When and why did you start writing and what was your first tag? 

I write Leftone and always have, mainly because I cant think of anything to change it to. Mr Baker always reminds me that the letters are crap but whatever, I make it work. I’ve been aware of graffiti and sketching since about 2008 but only really started taking it seriously in 2009/2010 when I met Baker.

What’s your favorite paint brand?

My favorite paint brand has to be the German Montana’s (Gold and Black) but ill never say no to a can of the good old Checkers Brilliant.

What’s your favorite part of graffiti?

I paint for myself so I’d have to say that piecing- even though some days it can be extremely frustrating, is my favorite element of Graffiti. While I'm painting I feel as though I become detached from the world and then when the 'meditation' session is over.. a beautiful artwork is left behind. Fantastic :)

Describe your style briefly

Graffiti is about expressing yourself like you can nowhere else, so why put a label on what you’re doing? I try to make my letters flow as much as possible without adding in pointless extensions. I like to have clean uncluttered pieces. 

Artistic or bomber?

As long as I have a can in my hand I don’t mind… although nothing beats the feeling of getting home safely after a late night of bombing, I guess I prefer the artistic side. It's more chilled, you end up being able to paint for longer and have a sick time with your homies.

Dodgiest graffiti experience?

I try not to be an idiot while I'm out bombing but every now and then you have that really close call. Thank goodness I haven’t been caught YET, I don’t think it's worth going to jail for the night.. know what I mean?

People who inspire you?

I have lots of writers I look up to for inspiration.

Anything you would like to say?

Shouts to everyone I love and to all you writers still putting it down!