Tell us a bit about you. When and why did you start writing and what was your first tag? 

I write Baker and I’ve been writing for about 4 years.
I’m always hating on my own work because I have a personal need for constant improvement in my style.
But I guess everyone is just their own worst critic, it pushes me to be better.
I’ve always been drawing, ever since I was a kid I would be scribbling on something, stealing pens and pencils…
Then one day I started seeing throw ups and tags and the odd piece here and there, I took an instant liking towards them.
There was something about it that just attracted me… So I started by trying bubble letters and since then my style has gradually developed.
My first tag was Estaz. Why I wrote that? Haha I have no clue it just sounded cool at the time.

What’s your favourite paint brand?

Anything that was made for graff.
For the first year I painted I didn’t really know anybody in the scene,
and didn’t know about graff paint so I used to use hardware paint like Duco and Brilliant.
I think using those brands has helped me so much with can control and being clean with my work.
Once I started becoming neat with that paint, moving onto proper graff paint was such a bonus. Any other hardware paint is just Satan in a can.

What’s your favourite part of graffiti?

My favourite part is the peace you get when you paint. Everything else just disappears and you go into your own little world. Put on some good hip hop or drum and bass and I’m a happy chappy. Every writer will know what I mean.

Describe your style briefly

I try put movement and funk into my letters. I try to keep letter structure but also lead your eyes away from the letters with millions of pointless extensions. In my opinion, extensions should add to a style, not make a style.

Artistic or bomber?

Graffiti has both an art and vandalism side to it.
People must stop automatically just assuming that graffiti is an illegal activity.
Graffiti whether legal or illegal is just expression.
Not everybody is into acting on stage or performing,
everyone is different and should be allowed to express themselves in whatever way they want.
I prefer piecing and getting involved with the art side with graffiti, rather than just bombing.

Dodgiest graffiti experience?

Ive had a few close calls but those are just apart of taking the risk.

People who inspire you?

Family, friends and people who don’t just go with the norm. Normal is boring. People who set their own path. “Don’t copy others, you will always be in their wake.”- Tues

Anything you would like to say?

Big shout to my crew, family and friends for being such legends!