Tell us a bit about you. When and why did you start writing and what was your first tag? 

 I started writing in 2002 because I was inspired
by a guy I met named Words. Him and I became friends and I remember sitting for hours, watching and listening to him talk about an art form that blew my mind! He was the reason I started writing and became an artist. My first tag name was SEZMO.

What’s your favourite paint brand?

Montana and I like Belton too. It's not the paint that makes the writer.

What’s your favourite part of graffiti?

My favourite part of graffiti is the absolute freedom of expression. The colours, the lettering and definitely the friends I have made throughout the years.

Describe your style briefly

I actually don’t know what my style is, I try as many different styles and concepts as I possibly can.

Artistic or bomber?

Both. Bombing is dope but being able to put a master piece up is dope too.

Dodgiest graffiti experience?

Me and Korpz were bombing a building once and a car stopped. We hid in a bush and while we were hiding we heard something behind us. We turned around and there was a guard in camo standing not even half a meter behind us. We bolted, I fell in a man hole but luckily we got away.

People who inspire you?

Wordz, Korpz, Naus and all the writers I have ever painted with.Also the Love Letters crew. They own walls with their pieces.

Anything you would like to say?

Yeah thank you to the gents who I have come to know and respect. We are homies for life. I look forward to being part of the OPK family- we are going to burn walls country wide. Much love and respect. Also, to Korpz, I miss you homie. Come back to SA.